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The Center for Democracy and Reconciliation in Southeast Europe
Drafts of new JHP volumes ready, under review
The Regional History Teacher Conference held in Podgorica was widely covered in the Media and drew more than 60 historians...
Prime Ministers of Albania and Serbia look to future on Okruzenje
PMs Edi Rama and Aleksandar Vučić came together for the first time in a TV studio as guests of the CDRSEE's "Okruzenje".
CDRSEE and EUROCLIO launch new ePACT project
A kick-off meeting of the CDRSEE and EUROCLIO project “ePACT” took place in The Hague on 18-19 February...
CDRSEE takes in-depth look at integration issues
CDRSEE officially launched its new research project on integration of minorities “Communities in Greece”....
Vicinities Europe offered on the website of the European Association of Regional Television (CIRCOM)
The Economist: JHP helps teachers gain "a broader perspective"
The international news magazine has recognised the importance of the CDRSEE and our work.
Highlights from the special edition of Okruzenje (with English subtitles) with the Prime Ministers of Albania and Serbia and the General Secretary of the RCC. For the whole show click here.
Education in Southeast Europe: Needs and Challenges from many perspectives. A production of CDRSEE.

Upcoming events:

- On May 17, the European Movement Serbia with the support of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation will host in Belgrade the International Conference “Serbia and Albania- Towards European Future”.
CDRSEE’s Zvezdana Kovac will be a panelist on the “ Role of Civil Society in Promoting Serbian-Albanian Joint Projects” and present our Joint History Project and its role on the process of cooperation and mutual understanding through education.

- New season, new topics and great guests!
Our TV talk show “Okruzenje” is back for its fifth season, following the success of the previous ones. Between June 2 - 7 the shooting of the new season’s first cycle will take place in Belgrade. Follow the project’s updates, more interesting shows are about to come!

- History education reform and innovative pedagogical methodologies are the topics planned for discussion and action at an event on June 9 - 11 in Vienna. Bringing together a regional working group on Didactical Reform and the History Education Reform Group, the event will debate on priority issues for a wide ranging needs assessment for improving history education and pilot training activities based on the CDRSEE’s innovate methodology ‘Teaching for Learning’ and set out a scheme for pilot testing in schools in the Western Balkans.

Who we are

The Center for Democracy and Reconciliation in Southeast Europe is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation that seeks to foster democratic, pluralist, and peaceful societies in Southeast Europe. We advocate principles of social responsibility, sustainable development, and reconciliation among the peoples in the region. We accomplish these goals via seminars, publications, conferences, research projects, exchange programmes, and opinion polls.

A few words from CDRSEE Executive Director Zvezdana Kovač

April 2016

Action as an alternative to fear

In 2015, 389 terrorist attacks were recorded around the world, and in the first three months alone of 2016, the number of attacks reached 242! The situation took center stage, of course, after about 10 terrorist attacks rocked the heart of Europe in both years. I can't help but wonder whether this is supposed to mean the lives of Europeans and their well-being are more valuable than the lives of others. Why are we all Paris and Brussels and never Ankara, Bacha Khan, Burkina Faso…? We certainly cannot protect ourselves if we all do not care about others regardless of all the differences.

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Serbian Education Minister says JHP books are an “example” for history textbooks


CDRSEE Executive Director Zvezdana Kovač took part in an influential conference on the role of education in preventing conflict, one of the foundations of the CDRSEE, as part of the 20th anniversary commemoration of the OSCE's The Hague Recommendations Regarding the Education Rights of National Minorities.

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CDRSEE in Madrid to participate in the YouthCAN Initiative


Extremist narratives and counter-extremism activism in the Mediterranean region were among some of the topics raised in the Regional Youth Innovation Lab that took place in Madrid on the 17th of March.

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CDRSEE launches migrant community integration research project


Honoured and proud, the CDRSEE officially launched its new research project on integration of minorities on March 15, called “Communities in Greece”.

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Regional Conference in Podgorica, 26-28 February 2016: History Educators welcome the new Teaching Materials covering Southeast European history 1944 – 2008.


The Regional History Teacher Conference held in Podgorica this weekend was widely covered in the Media and drew more than 60 historians, history teachers and education ministry representatives who had the opportunity not only to meet the editors of the Joint History Project workbooks but also to discuss and voice their opinions on the draft versions of the two new volumes, which are scheduled to be launched for the upcoming school year in autumn 2016.

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A new synergy is born between the CDRSEE and EUROCLIO


A kick-off meeting of the CDRSEE and EUROCLIO project “ePACT - Education Partnership for Advocacy, Capacity-Building and Transformation” took place in The Hague on 18-19 February, sealing our cooperation and the creation of our common project.

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Personal angle - Back to the Future


A few words by Saša Kulenović, Project Manager at the CDRSEE
When I obtained my master degree in 2013, like any other young graduate who's suddenly catapulted from university to the job market, I began my personal quest for opportunities that could suit my skills and interests.

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