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The Center for Democracy and Reconciliation in Southeast Europe
Drafts of new JHP volumes ready, under review
The Regional History Teacher Conference held in Podgorica was widely covered in the Media and drew more than 60 historians...
Prime Ministers of Albania and Serbia look to future on Okruzenje
PMs Edi Rama and Aleksandar Vučić came together for the first time in a TV studio as guests of the CDRSEE's "Okruzenje".
CDRSEE and EUROCLIO launch new ePACT project
A kick-off meeting of the CDRSEE and EUROCLIO project “ePACT” took place in The Hague on 18-19 February...
CDRSEE takes in-depth look at integration issues
CDRSEE officially launched its new research project on integration of minorities “Communities in Greece”....
Vicinities Europe offered on the website of the European Association of Regional Television (CIRCOM)
The Economist: JHP helps teachers gain "a broader perspective"
The international news magazine has recognised the importance of the CDRSEE and our work.
Highlights from the special edition of Okruzenje (with English subtitles) with the Prime Ministers of Albania and Serbia and the General Secretary of the RCC. For the whole show click here.
A short video for our flagship initiative, the Joint History Project.
Education in Southeast Europe: Needs and Challenges from many perspectives. A production of CDRSEE.

Upcoming events:

July 8-10, Ljubljana -- In the run-up to the NECE Conference in Zagreb, the German Federal Agency for Civic Education and its international partners of the NECE group – Networking European Citizenship Education are planning a European Expert-Workshop in Ljubljana from 8 to 10 July 2016, in which Ms Kovac will participate. In the workshop, the ongoing European response to the issue of migration including the repercussions and divisions within and between European societies will be analysed and evaluated. The workshop also will deal with citizenship education and how it should react to the polarised debate and the controversies about migration, diversity and identity which have been triggered by the new wave of migration since summer 2015.

Who we are

The Center for Democracy and Reconciliation in Southeast Europe is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation that seeks to foster democratic, pluralist, and peaceful societies in Southeast Europe. We advocate principles of social responsibility, sustainable development, and reconciliation among the peoples in the region. We accomplish these goals via seminars, publications, conferences, research projects, exchange programmes, and opinion polls.

A few words from CDRSEE Executive Director Zvezdana Kovač

June 2016

We celebrate multiple perspectives

For the fifth time, on June 2 we kicked off filming the new Okruzenje season. The number of national TV stations that broadcast this unique political talk show grows every year, and we can’t resist sharing with you our happiness and pride. With no intention of sounding pretentious, we celebrate this small anniversary knowing that we are on 10 TV stations across the Western Balkans because we earned it with credibility. We earned your trust. For the fifth year now, we have no hidden agenda, we work by following a professional code (which sadly has been forgotten on a large scale), and we are contributing to the institution of journalism that will not be a tool for flaming hatred, but rather a means to serve citizens by keeping them well informed and providing them with the opportunity to listen to a decent, civilized dialogue despite often diametrically opposing opinions.

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The Western Balkans: Hijacked Democracies or Future EU Members?


“The future of the Western Balkan countries’ accession to the EU will depend on how the latter will cope with challenges such as the refugee crisis and BREXIT”. “The inevitable changes that the digital technology and the social media have brought  to the modern  world have been quite beneficial but carry a lot of dangers too”.

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Okruzenje to the finals for the European Citizenship Award 2016!


There is a saying in Greek that good things come after hard work. And here we are to prove it! Through our continuous and persistent work on our media project ‘Okruženje’ (‘Vicinities’ in English) we are one of the four nominees for the European Citizenship Award 2016 in the category “Media Initiative of the Year”.

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First successful step for setting up the public-private partnership ePACT


The kick off meeting, on 9-11 June in Vienna brought together 12 policy makers, 27 members of civil society, 3 members of Academia and 2 participants from intergovernmental organisations working in the Western Balkans to establish a public-private partnership for the development of history education and innovative pedagogical methodologies

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Serbia and Albania - A step towards a European Future


“Despite animosity, unresolved issues, prejudice and stereotypes, the cooperation of the two countries is possible” Ms Kovac said, attracting the spotlight at the conference ‘Serbia and Albania - Towards a European Future’.

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Towards the Western Balkans Paris Summit in July 2016


Heading towards the Western Balkans Paris Summit in July 2016, the European Fund for the Balkans and ERSTE Stiftung hosted the Civil Society Forum in Belgrade on May 11-13.

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Personal angle - Back to the Future


A few words by Saša Kulenović, Project Manager at the CDRSEE
When I obtained my master degree in 2013, like any other young graduate who's suddenly catapulted from university to the job market, I began my personal quest for opportunities that could suit my skills and interests.

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