Communities in Greece


The newly launched CDRSEE project “Communities in Greece”, funded by the Open Society Initiative in Europe, highlights the role of the Center in issues such as the social inclusion.  As Greece is a country which has changed rapidly over the past two decades  advanced from a migrant-producing nation to a migrant-receiving one, this project recognises the importance of understanding these demographic shifts.  The project intends to work with the Albanian immigrant population in Greece which according to the 2001 Census, makes up 56% of the total migrant population in Greece. Building up on these statistics, the Center recruited a team of well-known experts in Social Anthropology who will conduct the research on the access of Albanian migrants to the health, employment and education sectors in Greece, and will cooperate with representatives from the Albanian community as well as local stakeholders.  An advisory board will closely follow the progress of the research and help with the dissemination of the final report.

We are now in the first phase of our project where our team is working on the literature review and conducting research on past results from surveys and interviews. We believe that the innovative character of this project will contribute to social integration as its results will be recommendations for greater and easier access to Greek society by the Albanian community. Follow up the updates on our project!