Okruzenje (Vicinities)

“Okruzenje”, or “Vicinities” in English, is a pioneering current affairs talk show that brings together influential guests from across the Balkans to talk about topics sometimes painful, divisive, or even satirical -- that are at the heart of daily life. This is not your average talk show  guests come from all walks of life and are joined by a desire to discuss and listen, and by language, as most of the languages of the region are mutually understood. The resulting show is broadcast weekly in seven different countries unthinkable just years ago.

The CDRSEE together with the European Fund for the Balkans took the bold step of airing the first pilot season in five countries in spring 2012. Never before had such diverse guests come together with the objective of really listening to one another and finding resolutions to issues that reach deeply into the soul of the region and have the power to enable true reconciliation. Okruzenje, known in the international community as Vicinities, is a peace-building experience on the medium that reaches more homes than any other.

The second season, expanded and even more powerful, tackled topics such as identity, youth unemployment and EU influence. Twelve editions were broadcast on eight channels. And remarkably, the show caught the attention of the European Parliament. In December 2013, the Members of the European Parliament sponsored a special event to highlight the impact of the show in the region, and called for something similar in Europe.

Okruzenje gained even better time slots in the third season, with shows broadcast during or close to prime time. With the added partnership of the Regional Cooperation Council, the 12 regular-season shows were broadcast consecutively, and the team added two additional special reports. In October 2014, to kick off the season, more than 100 diplomats, journalists, editor and executives gathered to see a presentation on Okruzenje, or Vicinities, and to discuss Cross-border Regional Cooperation of the media. The news show became the news -- some 50 newspapers in the region wrote about the event.

For Season IV, the number of channels broadcasting Okruzenje has increased to 10; Albanian public broadcaster RTSH is joining the Okruzenje team, as is the Albanian-language channel of TV Kosovo, RTK1, both major steps for expansion and reconciliation. For the fourth season, the number of regular-season shows will increase to 14, including two shows of highlights. In addition, the Okruzenje team will organize four roundtable discussions in cities around the region, which will be recorded and produced into additional shows. Also important, TV partner stations and other local stations -- at least 40 already -- are re-broadcasting shows from seasons II and III during the off-season, to improve the continuity and the visibility of the show. For Season IV, local stations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Kosovo will do the same.

Perhaps most exciting, in August 2015 the Okruzenje team recorded a TV programme with Edi Rama, Prime Minister of Albania, and Aleksandar Vucic, Prime Minister of Serbia, on prospects for the region's youth, on regional cooperation and the Balkans' place in Europe. The show aired on 31 August 2015 in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Kosovo and has already raised an incredible visibility, with about 2 millon viewers in Serbia and a share of 85% in Albania, the most-watched show ever. The show can be viewed on You Tube at the following URL:

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Okruzenje (Vicinities), First Regional News Talk Show 3rd Season

Editor Zvezdana Kovac

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Okruzenje (Vicinities), First Regional News Talk Show 2nd Season

Editor Zvezdana Kovač

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