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Workshop 4


The Fourth Junior Scholars' Workshop was held in Thessaloniki, Greece between 17-20 June 2004. Fifteen participants from the Balkans presented and discussed their PhD theses with five senior scholars, experts in the field of Southeast European history.

List of Participants and Dissertation Titles

  • Aleksov, Bojan (Belgrade), Religious Dissent in Times of Modernisation and Nationalism: The Nazarenes in the 19 th century Hungary
  • Demirtas-Coskun , Birgul (Izmir-Kocaeli), A Comparative Study of Turkish and German Foreign Policies toward the Conflicts in Yugoslavia: A search for Reconstruction of State Identities.
  • Hajdarpasic, Edin (Sarajevo), Political Aspirations, Social Movements, and the Search for a Viable Polity in Tanzimat-era Bosnia (1850-1878).
  • Kaytchev, Naoum (Sofia), Macedonia in Serbian and Bulgarian Public Consciousness: Images and Notions Cultivated by the Army and the School (1878-1912).
  • Kera, Gentiana (Tirana), Urban Development of Tirana in the First Half of the 20th Century.
  • Kyurkchieva-Philipova, Iva (Sofia), The World of the Bulgarian Muslims from Teteven Region-Transition to Modernity.
  • Mitrovic, Bojan (Belgrade), The Founding of the Modern Historical Discipline in Serbia and Bulgaria (1878-1918).
  • Ognyanova-Lyubomirova Irina (Sofia), Nationalism and National Policy in Independent State of Croatia (1941-1945).
  • Papa, Enriketa (Tirana), The Urban Development of Shkodra: First Half of the 20th Century.
  • Petrovic, Tanja (Belgrade), Linguistic Ideology and Language Shift: The Case of Orthodox Minority in the Slovenian Region of Bela Krajina.
  • Skenderovic, Robert (Zagreb), Population Policy of Maria Teresa in Civilian Slavonia 1745-1780.
  • Slavkova, Magdalena (Sandanski), Roma Protestant Church in Bulgaria.
  • Miroslav, Svircevic (Belgrade), Local Self-government in Serbia and Bulgaria 1878-1914.
  • Sygkelos Ioannis (Thessaloniki), Nationalism and Bulgarian Communist Party Ideology in Second World War and Early Post War Years.
  • Vezenkov , Alexander (Sofia), Urbanisation and Demographic Changes in Bulgaria (1944-1989).

Participating Professors:

  • Fikret Adanir (Ruhr University-Bochum)
  • John Lampe (University of Maryland)
  • Karl Kaser (University of Graz)
  • Marco Dogo (University of Trieste)
  • Maria Todorova (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)