The third Junior Scholars' Workshop was held on 26-28 June 2003, in Sofia, Bulgaria, and was co-organised by the Centre for Advanced Studies in Sofia. Twenty Juniors Scholars met with six members of the CDRSEE's Academic Committee for three intense days of discussion.

List of Participants and Dissertation Titles

  • Angelov Angel, Sofia - The impact of NATO conditionality on the international relations in the Balkans (case of Bulgaria and Romania)

  • Dimitrova Anna Georgieva, Sofia - The Debate about Globalization in Eastern Europe in the 1989-2000 period

  • Dimou Augustina, Athens/Braunschweig - Paths towards modernity: Intellectuals and the contextualization of socialism in the Balkans. A comparative approach.

  • Fisher Omer, Milan/Glasgow - The Dynamics of Violent Collapse: Party Structure and Centre-Periphery Elite Interaction in Yugoslavia

  • Georgieva Miroslava, Sofia - Intellectuals and Power: Politics of Public Representations

  • Gigova Irina Dimitrova, Sofia - Writers of the Nation: The Politics of Intellectual Identity in Bulgaria, 1939-1953

  • Hirt Sonia Anguelova, Sofia - Democracy or Technocracy: A History of Urban Planning in the City of Sofia, Bulgaria

  • Leanka Gabriel, Bucharest - French-Romanian Relation between 1829-1848

  • Lozovanu Dorin, Bucharest - Romanic Population of the Balkan Peninsula

  • Miloradovic Goran, Belgrade - Soviet influence on the Arts of Socialist Yugoslavia (from 1945 to 1955)

  • Nastasache Cristina, Bucharest - Center-Periphery in the Romanian Urban Space at the End of the XIXth Century.

  • Petric Hrvoje, Zagreb - Koprivnica in 17th century-demographic, social and economic changes

  • Plamen Petrov, Sofia - The Bulgarian Administration in Vardar Macedonia in 1941-1944

  • Rachieru Silvana, Bucharest - Romanian-Ottoman Relationships (1878-1914)

  • Sistek Frantisek, Prague - Czech Images of Montenegro and Their Transformations

  • Sotirovic Vladislav, Vilnius - The linguistic model of the definition of the Serbian nation by Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic and the project of the creation of a linguistically determined Serbian national state by Ilija Garasanin

  • Stancu, Eugen, Bucharest - Engineering the Human Soul. Science Fiction in Communist Romania (1955-1989)

  • Vucetic-Mladenovic, Radina, Belgrade - Americanization of Cultural Life in Belgrade 1945-1980

  • Vuletic Aleksandra, Belgrade - Marriage in the 19th century Serbia

  • Wien Markus, Florence/Munich - Conceptual Strategies and Practices of German Economic Commitment in Bulgaria 1918-1944 within the framework of the Bulgarian Modernization Problem

Participating Professors:

  • John Lampe
  • Diana Mishkova, CAS Executive Director
  • Zarko Puhovski, CDRSEE Board Member
  • Maria Todorova, Chair of the CDRSEE Academic Committee
  • Peter Vodopivec
  • Alexandru Zub