Junior Scholars' Workshop 2 was held in Dubrovnik, Croatia, from 29 June to 1 July 2001. Fifteen outstanding young scholars presented their doctoral theses for comment and feedback from their peers and from senior scholars.

List of Participants and Dissertation Titles

  • Nada Alaica, The question of national 'identity' on the Croatian Military Frontier in the 19th century.

  • Giorgos Antoniou, The Ethnic Dimension of the Greek Civil War

  • John Ashbrook, Politicization of Identity: Regionalism in Istrian in the 1990s

  • Stefan Detchev, "Mother" of "She-Bear", Russia in Bulgarian Press, Public Opinion and Popular Political Culture 1886-1894.

  • Rozita Dimova, Negotiating Subjectivities: Arts, Aesthetics and Ethnicity in Contemporary Macedonia

  • Theodora Dragostinova, Between two Motherlands: Changing Memories of the Past within the Greek-Bulgarian Minority and Refugee Communities, 1906-1939.

  • Ranka Gasic, British and German Influence on the Belgrade Elite 1936-1941

  • Etleva Lala, Papal Policy toward South-Eastern Adriatic Coast

  • Marina Liakova-Nedialkova, The Official Discourse of the Bulgarian Historiography concerning Turkey and the Turks

  • Mila Mancheva, Nationalism and Muslim Minorities in Inter-War Bulgaria 1918-1945

  • Maja Miljkovic, The Serbian Elite in Vardar Macedonia, 1918-1941

  • Natasa Miskovic-Weiss, Belgrade "life worlds" in the 19th century

  • Ines A. Murzaku, The Activity and the Role of the Jesuits in the Albanian History and Culture 1841-1946

  • Simona Stefanescu, Mass Media Coverage of the Yugoslav Conflict (1991-1995): a Comparative Approach. Introduction to an Analytic Framework

  • Onur Yildirim, Scholars, Diplomats and Refugees: A Historical Study of the Turco-Greek Population Exchange, 1922-1923

Participating Professors:

  • Prof. Fikret Adanir
  • Prof. Iva D. Bicanic
  • Prof. Marco Dogo
  • Prof. Karl Kaser
  • Prof. John Lampe
  • Prof. Diana Mishkova
  • Prof. Peter Vodopivec