New doctoral research on the History of Southeastern Europe - Programme Description

The Annual Junior Scholars’ Workshops were a set of forums held to present, compare, and discuss new doctoral research relevant to the history of Southeastern Europe. These workshops sought to bring together young scholars who had undertaken their primary research for their doctoral dissertations or who had completed their dissertations recently (typically 3-4 years).

Young scholars from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Montenegro, the FYR of Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, and Turkey were invited to apply. A limited number of spaces were also available for students from other countries who were working on issues related to the Balkan region. There was an equal balance between the number of participants who were studying at universities in the region and those that were studying in Western Europe and North America, so as to achieve a diversity of perspectives and experiences.

During the workshop, Junior Scholars were asked to make a 15-20 minute oral presentation on their research, as well as a 10 minute discussion on somebody else’s pre-circulated presentation. The majority of the time was devoted to a joint discussion of papers and presentations. Additionally included in the programme was time for individual meetings between junior and senior scholars to discuss their research.