"The books of the Joint History Project remind me on my school time when I used to live in Berlin, especially on history classes held by the famous Dr. Krause. They give objective information, it is the reader who is invited to make his own opinions and put the puzzles together to create the big picture. Precise questions lead you to think in more than one direction and in my opinion this method makes the books so special. Through this method of learning and teaching, the Joint History Project has a big impact on not only how we understand our history, but also how we perceive the world."

- Mr. Boris Blazevic from the Club Alpbach Croatia

“…… I recently came across a reference to the 4 Workbooks produced by the CDRSEE as part of its Joint History Project. After reviewing on-line copies of these books from CDRSEE’s website, I was greatly impressed by their range, quality and depth. Please allow me to congratulate the CDRSEE on its excellent effort. I am touched by the CDRSEE’s vision of using these Workbooks as a vehicle for creating deeper understanding among the people of Southeast Europe of their common humanity and shared history. The books touched a chord with me as we, in the Indian Subcontinent, too are beset today with issues of lingering distrust between communities which have shared a common past over hundreds of years, a problem perhaps in some ways similar to that faced by the people of Southeast Europe until the 21st century. Having seen the 4 Workbooks on your website, I have little doubt that they will go a long way towards fostering lasting peace and mutual understanding in an important part of the world like Southeast Europe.

I would very much like to acquire copies of the 4 Workbooks for placement in our School’s libraries, and sharing them with our history teachers as an excellent example of an intelligent approach to reconciliation. In doing so, it will be my hope that we can try to emulate the effort of the CDRSEE, and tackle the trust deficit in the Indian Subcontinent by producing similar texts which highlight our own common history in a similar manner”.

- Rizwan Akhund, Executive Director of The Avicenna School, Karachi, Pakistan.