International Conferences



International Conferences

International Conferences

From time to time, the CDRSEE hosts international conferences, gathering accomplished academics, politicians and educators from around the world. The high-profile experts discuss and make recommendations on history teaching, teaching methodologies and other aspects of education.

Many positive outcomes surface from the international conferences. Experts establish networks, meet new people in their and other fields, test new ideas, bring problems and issues to the forefront and have meaningful discussions in search of workable solutions.

For the CDRSEE, these discussions the considered problems and the suggested outcomes -- play an important role in setting goals and areas of focus for the Joint History Project and other essential programmes.

Links to news items on our International Conferences are as follows:

26-28 February 2016: Regional Conference of Teachers to Assess the New Workbooks

13-15 December 2013: International Conference: His Story or History: Europe in the Trap of Populism

7-9 December 2012: International Conference: Contemporary approaches to Cold War and Post-Cold War Balkans: main themes, open questions, unresolved debates

20-21 November 2010: International Conference: History Education fostering European Integration