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Reconciliation in the Successor States of former Yugoslavia
CDRSEE held a Reconciliation Dialogue between Zagreb and Belgrade in February 2001

Project Objectives

The objectives of this very important undertaking were three-fold: to begin the process of reconciliation between the different ethnic groups that live in the nations that formerly made up the Republic of Yugoslavia; to counterbalance the stigmas and stereotypes associated with "the other," particularly in literature and journalism; and to create an open discussion in which ethnic groups can address their own wrong-doings in the past decade of war in the fall of Yugoslavia.

Reconciliation between Zagreb and Belgrade

The first reconciliation dialogue meeting took place between Serbs and Croats in Belgrade on 23-25 February, 2001. The Belgrade meeting panel discussion was led by novelists, literary critics, publishers, translators and historians (five Serbs and five Croats). The President of the German Institute for Foreign Relations and an official from the Federal Office for Information spoke about the German experience of reconciliation with their neighbours after World War II. The panel consisted of 14 individuals who addressed an audience of citizens of the host city. This structure allowed the freedom to approach difficult topics, but in a controlled environment. The whole conference was covered by B92, now Yugoslav state television. Several other radio stations and the two most important Yugoslav newspapers (Politika and Danas) as well as the News agency BETA reported about the Reconciliation Dialogue.

At the Conferences, issues such as the idea to create bilateral and multilateral truth commissions, a discussion on amnesty, a discussion on the co-operation with the Hague Tribunal on War Crimes in Former Yugoslavia were included.

For full conference report, click here (pdf file, 120 kb).

List of Participants
in Reconciliation Dialogue between Zagreb and Belgrade, February 2001:

1. Dimic, Lubodrag
2. Fink, Volker
3. Glavac, Hrvoje
4. Gojkovic, Drinka
5. Gudzevic, Sinan
6. Ilic, Dejan
7. Kuhnert, Barbara
8. Kempf, Herwig
9. Kovacevic-Vuco, Biljana
10. Mandic, Igor
11. Niksic, Stevan
12. Popovic, Nenad
13. Prokopijevic, Dr. Miroslav
14. Reuter, Jens
15. Snajder, Slobodan
16. Waldburg-Zeil, Alois Graf v.

Program of the Reconciliation Dialogue between Zagreb and Belgrade, February 2001:

Friday, February 23, 2001

Opening Ceremony, welcome speeches by Barbara Kuhnert (ifa) and Jens Reuter, CDRSEE

Lecture by Alois Graf von Waldburg Zeil, Reconciliation after World War II: The German Experience
Lecture Alex Rondos, Reconciliation after a Civil War: The Greek Experience

Saturday, February 24, 2001


Lecture by Dubravka Ugresic, My view of Serbia and the Serbs after the Wars of the Nineties

Lecture by Dragan Velikic, "Croats and Serbs - a difficult neighborhood?

14:30 - 19:00
Short Statements by all the Croatian and Serbian speakers followed by discussions.

The speakers:

Zarko Puhovski (University Professor, Zagreb)
Stevan Niksic (Editor in Chief, NIN, Belgrade)
Sinan Gudzevic (Translator and author, Zagreb)
Drinka Gojkovic (book author and journalist, Belgrade)
Igor Mandic (book author and journalist, Zagreb)
Momcilo Grubac (Ministry of Justice, Belgrade)
Hrvoje Glavac (minister of stateh, Zagreb)
Veran Matic (journalist and human rights activist, Belgrade)
Reception was given by the German Embassy Belgrade at the Hotel "Moskva"