The CDRSEE in 2011

In the year 2011 Active Citizenship is at the forefront in Europe, citizens driving social transformation and cohesion, strengthening our common European values and building a strong alliance to counteract the ongoing economic crisis andsubsequent nationalistic trends.

20/21 November 2010: CDRSEE Hosts International Conference, Thessaloniki

On 20/21 November the CDRSEE hosted an international conference in Thessaloniki, bringing together 18 academics, 11 educators and 12 representatives of National and Regional institutions to assess, re-enforce and further develop tools for History Education fostering European Integration.

12-14 November 2010: History Teacher Training in Subotica

With the seminar in Subotica the CDRSEE reached out to Vojvodina and closed the cycle of seminars for 2010. Following the positive experiences and large interest in the project, however, the series of seminars will continue next year with the first seminar in 2011 planned to be held in Uzice. In 2010, the CDRSEE was able to spark enthusiasm amongst teachers and also amongst the general public.