28th Meeting of the Board of Directors convened in Thessaloniki


28th Meeting of the Board of Directors convened in Thessaloniki

The Board of Directors of the Center for Democracy and Reconciliation in Southeast Europe convened its annual at the premises of the Center in Thessaloniki on 27 November, 2017. Reviewing the successes of the past year the Board of Directors engaged in a productive dialogue on the progress of current projects, as well as on future initiatives of action in the area of Southeast Europe. Fundraising for the continuation of the current flagship projects and for the implementation of new ones was at the centre of the discussions with regard to the CDRSEE’s future steps.

Mr. Hannes Swoboda, Chair of the CDRSEE, chaired the meeting that was marked by the appointment of Mr. Ioannis Tsormpatzoglou as the new Treasurer of the Center, following Mr. Tzelepoglou’s resignation from the same position, in which  he has served for nearly 20 years.  Mr Tzelepolglou’s tireless contribution to the Center, his wise guidance and unwavering dedication were acknowledged by the Board. He will continue to serve as a member of the Board and adviser to the new Treasurer.

On the occasion of reviewing the Center’s activities of the past year, the Board Members reiterated that the work of the CDRSEE is vital for the future of the region, therefore, the Center should be supported by as many people as possible in our common European interest. In their shared approach, the Board Members reflected that the Center is in a unique position in Southeast Europe and its role is essential in many ways, thus it is essential that the work continues, develops and reaches more and more people  through its projects.

As 2018 draws near, the CDRSEE will celebrate 20 years of active presence and achievements in Southeast Europe. The Board of Directors are firmly convinced that the work of reconciliation in the Balkans is not yet finished, therefore the Center has still a lot to do in fostering dialogue and bringing the peoples of the Balkans together not only for the good of the region, but of Europe as a whole.


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