The transformative power of the EU and social inclusion


The transformative power of the EU and social inclusion

Different opinions on the same subject and different approaches to a complex problem always make a roundtable more interesting.  Hosted by the Journalists’ Union of Macedonia & Thrace  on October 13th, Ms Daliborka Uljarevic from Montenegro, Mr Arjan Dyrmishi from Albania and Mr Vasilis Tsartsanis from Greece discussed the role of Civil society in the Western Balkans and how a possible accession of the countries would affect the social integration of people who are seeking refuge in the EU.

One of the most crucial topics of discussion was how civil society takes the responsibility that the state does not and other controversial issues that are  important in order to sustain a stable society.

As interesting questions were raised during the event, the speakers concluded that the accession of the Western Balkan countries  would help support the refugees as it  would provide assistance on how to better help and integrate people. They all agreed that the countries of the region should establish a better cooperation between them.

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