The Recycle Monster, Don't Throw It Show It


In cooperation with the American College of Thessaloniki, CDRSEE launched The Recycle Monster Project to encourage and foster sustainable development in the city of Thessaloniki. Through a large-scale awareness campaign, the project aimed to educate the city's youth on the importance of recycling. First, the team, made up of CDRSEE project managers and ACT students, taught different recycling methods to students in a number of schools. Students were than encouraged to create works of art made out of various recycling material. Last, students entered their creations in a two-day exhibition and competition. The fun-filled project targeted for teenagers and young adults not only encouraged creativity but, also, helped foster environmental behaviour and development in the city.

The CDRSEE has long been committed to the development and strengthening of civil society throughout the region, and was delighted to be in a position to jointly develop and implement a project such as this one.

With environmental challenges topping the global agenda, the CDRSEE felt that there was no better way to make a difference than to start here at home. Educating the city’s youth, tomorrow’s active citizens, on one of the most important aspects of environmental protection, i.e. recycling, is paramount to bringing Thessaloniki to the forefront of Southeast European Civil Society.

Our Project

”Don’t Throw it, Show it!” was a joint project of the CDRSEE and the American College of Thessaloniki (ACT).

The management team was made up of the 9 students and the professor of the Civil Society (POL 335) class at ACT, with the input of the Project Managers of the CDRSEE.

Our aim was to promote the values and principles of sustainable development in Thessaloniki through the involvement of the city’s youth. This highly educational project was created by young people for young people, aiming directly to respond to the needs of the group it was addressed to.

THE GOALS of our project were to:

  • Encourage environmentally and socially responsible behaviour in the next generation of Thessaloniki’s citizens;
  • Educate Thessaloniki’s youth, and through them, Thessaloniki’s citizens, on the importance and methods of recycling as a step in creating sustainable environment; and to
  • Foster environmental sentiment and action among the students of Thessaloniki through participation in a recycled art competition.


  • Large-scale Recycling Awareness-raising campaign: in schools and on line.
  • Educational campaign: from November 2009 to May 2010 in schools. Children were taught about recycling through an artistic endeavour: creating art out of recyclable materials. All of the works of art were entered into a competition / exhibition judged by local artists.
  • Recycled Art Exhibition & Competition: a high-profile and interactive recycled Art Exhibition was planned to take place over 2 days in Aristotle Square on 8-9 May 2010.
  • Post-event activities: The winning pieces of art were exhibited after the event in relevant and highly visited locations.


On 8-9 May 2010 an exhibit of all of the works of art entered into the competition by children and students took place. A ‘recycling dance,’ was repeated many times throughout the day, a jury of local artists presented prizes for the art pieces in each category, and stands with information and advice were set up for the public.  The relevant units of the Municipality (such as environment, cleanliness, education, etc.) were invited to participate in the event.


ACT: The American College of Thessaloniki is the higher education division of Anatolia, a not-for-profit educational institution that dates back to 1886. ACT is an independent American college chartered by the State of Massachusetts in the United States and accredited by NEASC, the New England Association of Schools and Colleges through its Commission on Institutions of Higher Education. Through its educational, cultural, professional and service activities, ACT seeks to contribute actively to the wider communities of Greece and Southeast Europe.


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