JHP Source Committee moves forward on critical new JHP volumes


JHP Source Committee moves forward on critical new JHP volumes


Oct. 28 - Nov. 1, Skopje --The Joint History Project's Source Committee made serious progress on the new JHP workbooks, compiling final drafts and reviewing the source material that has been collected, to ensure balance in perspectives, topics, and types of sources, so that the books are interesting and enlightening for students as well as teachers.

The Committee met in Skopje as part of the second phase of the CDRSEE's flagship JHP. This phase includes two new workbooks, which will cover the Cold War and the Wars of the 1990s. The meeting was led by Christina Koulouri, series editor, and Costas Carras, JHP supervisor and member of CDRSEE's Board of Directors.

Two sub-committees made significant progress on each book -- one on the volume "Cold War", and the other on the volume "Transition in Southeast Europe" -- as the initial hard copies took shape. As students across the Balkans will in the future, the participants discussed everything from the role of religion to the sensitive 1990s.

Two visitors, Jean Francois Berger, a journalist from Geneva, Switzerland, and Keiichi Kubo, a political scientist from Japan, were able to observe the meetings, and both found the project impressive and important.

CDRSEE Executive Director Zvezdana Kovac and Director of Programmes Corinna Noack-Aetopulos assisted the Committee as it continued to push ahead with the project. The first editions of the volumes will be available in English in April 2016. The JHP has the explicit support of six Ministries of Education in the region.

The Source Committee wrapped up the meeting with a sight-seeing excursion to the Church of St Panteleimon at Nerezi.


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