CDRSEE contributes to the AFS centennial celebration for peace and reconciliation


CDRSEE contributes to the AFS centennial celebration for peace and reconciliation

Trento, 1-4 May 2015 -- The American Field Service, in celebrating its 100 years of service, brought together hundreds of government officials, academics and NGOs, including the CDRSEE, to talk about peace and reconciliation, and the need for each and every person to take a role in promoting peaceful, pluralistic societies worldwide.

The conference, "Learning to live together: Humanitarianism, reconciliation, education for plural societies", was organised by Intercultura, the Italian chapter of the American Field Service (AFS). The AFS was celebrating 100 years of work for a more human world and intercultural understanding around the globe through worldwide student exchanges and educational programmes.

CDRSEE's Director of Programmes, Corinna Noack-Aetopulos, joined the event, presenting the Center's work with educators in the Western Balkans, where the CDRSEE empowers teachers to become active in raising awareness and fostering skills for reconciliation and democracy building in the young generation. During her two-hour workshop, entitled "What a teacher can do for the development of pluralist societies", participants developed school projects that can be exemplary for an education that prepares students for real-life challenges and includes diversity and respect for cultural values as key priorities.


The star of the event was the Ambulance SU78, which is one of the three remaining ambulances used by the AFS to rescue the wounded during WWI. For the event, The Bell of Peace, placed on Miravalle hill in the city of Rovereto, rang 100 times, reminding participants of the horrors of war and the duty that each of us has to promote peace.


The CDRSEE's participation in the event was featured in the Corrierre della Sera newspaper.  (You can see the press clipping by clicking here!)


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