CDRSEE launches new Europe-wide TV current affairs show


CDRSEE launches new Europe-wide TV current affairs show

The CDRSEE is launching a new TV current affairs talk show, "Vicinities Europe", which leverages the impact and experience of the very successful "Okruzenje" ("Vicinities") project but focuses on Europe as a whole.

The idea came from the presentation of the Balkans-focused Okruzenje to the European Parliament. Impressed by the talk show series, various Members of the European Parliament pointed out that Europe would benefit from a show like Okruzenje, which brings together diverse guests from different countries to talk about important topics.

The ERSTE Foundation has agreed to support the production of two pilot programmes, to be filmed in September 2015. The pilot shows will be broadcast on television stations and the Internet, and are expected to help secure funding for full seasons.

The Vicinities Europe pilot shows will bring together influential and opinionated guests from at least four countries of Europe to discuss in front of a live audience of alumni of the programmes of European Alternatives, a partner in the project. European Alternatives has a vast network of young people who are well versed in many subjects and have first-hand experience in Europe.

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