CDRSEE hosts panel discussion at 24th Economic Forum in Poland


CDRSEE hosts panel discussion at 24th Economic Forum in Poland

The CDRSEE was the host of a panel discussion bringing together prominent speakers on the subject “Are Divided Memories a Threat to a United Europe?”. The panel was part of the 24th Economic Forum in Poland, which attracted 2600 participants from all around the world.

The CDRSEE partnered with the Institute for Eastern Studies from Warsaw to organise the panel, which took place from September 2 to 4, 2014, in Krynica Zdroj, Poland.

The panel consisted of Ms. Gordana Comic, the Deputy Speaker of the Serbian National Assembly; Prof. Piotr Glinski, a sociologist and the nominee for Polish Prime Minister by the opposition party Law and Justice; John Roosegard Bisshop, a diplomat from the Netherlands with vast experience in European affairs; Prof. Tomas Venclova, a Lithuanian poet and writer who teaches at Harvard; Father Kazimierz Sowa, a Catholic priest and journalist and the founder of Religia TV; and Prof. Stefan Troebst, a historian and professor at the University of Liepzig.

The panel, moderated by the CDRSEE’s Programmes Director Corinna Noack-Aetopulos, discussed the importance that addressing divided memories in Europe has versus a more future-oriented approach where the focus lies on aspects that unite us. There are good arguments for both approaches, which do not have to be in contradiction to each other; on the contrary, the path to a genuinely united Europe will have to go along both ways, the panel noted.

The Economic Forum overall addressed the social, political, and economic consequences of the global crisis and challenged the established economic theory that has been the staple of financial institutions throughout Europe. This discussion centered on Europe’s revision to social policy and its effect.

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