The first episode of season three Okruzenje ("Vicinities") broadcasted in seven countries


The first episode of season three Okruzenje ("Vicinities") broadcasted in seven countries


The third season of Okruzenje, known as “Vicinities” in English, got off to an outstanding start this week, as the first episode of the 2014-1015 political talk show series, which addressed Solidarity among citizens in the region, was broadcast on eight TV channels in seven countries.

This season is the most in-depth to date, with 14 Vicinities debates in the works, covering topics ranging from Language and Organised Crime to Unemployment and the Aftermath of War.

From the start, Vicinities has been the only regional talk show in the Balkans. The shows take on topics that are important to the region, affect everyday life and oftentimes are difficult or painful to address. But the guests, from different backgrounds and countries, discuss, debate, disagree and sometimes even find humour, all while promoting communication and reconciliation.

As in past seasons, the guests speak in their native languages -- Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin and Serbian -- as they are mutually understood. Co-hosts Zvezdana Kovac and Nenad Sebek pose questions and prompt debate with videos and information, and the debates take on a life of their own.

This season’s participating TV channels, simultaneously broadcasting the show, include ALSAT-M TV from the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Radio Television Serbia, Vijesti television from Montenegro, Radio Television Bosnia and Herzegovina, TV BN (Bjeljine), HRT Croatian television, RTK - Kosovo and TV Info from Slovenia.

The third season of Vicinities is supported by our partners, the European Fund for the Balkans (, the Regional Cooperation Council ( and the German Federal Foreign Office (

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