Teachers Coalesce to Exchange Best Practices in Belgrade


Teachers Coalesce to Exchange Best Practices in Belgrade


December 21st - 22nd 2013, Belgrade - The CDRSEE implemented a teacher training workshop this past weekend in Belgrade, Serbia. Thirty teachers from throughout the country gathered to collaborate and discuss best methods of educating JHP workbooks to their pupils. The trainings took place in Hotel Park, near Belgrade’s Slavija center.

Over the course of two days, Goran Miloradovic led the trainings and discussion amongst the participating teachers. Along with breaking into working groups to collectively assess the teaching material from the workbooks, several teachers presented on their experience in teaching the workbooks in their classrooms. The presentations were lively and displayed the experience with which the teachers command the attention of their students. This approach was very beneficial to the teachers as they listened and discussed the first-hand experience of their colleagues instead of being lectured at length as is customary in many educational institutions throughout the Balkans. In a very open setting, the teachers debated and discussed their comprehension of the material, as well as most efficient means of teaching it to their students. Following close collaboration over the weekend, the teachers bonded and strengthened their newly formed networks. Several of the teachers expressed their gratitude for being invited and commended the well-organized logistics of the seminar.  

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