29-31 March 2013 - JHP Teacher Training in Krusevac


29-31 March 2013 - JHP Teacher Training in Krusevac


The weekend Joint History Project training seminar, “Teaching Southeast European History”, that was offered to schools in Krusevac and surrounding municipalities, sparked unexpectedly robust interest amongst teachers in the region. The CDRSEE initially offered 20 places and finally accommodated 34 participants in order to respond to the huge demand.

Sixty sets of the CDRSEEE’s innovative teaching materials were donated to teachers. The materials include a guide that provides ideas on how original historical source materials can be used for comparative history classes that stimulate critical-thinking skills. During the seminar, teachers practiced using the materials and created a range of model lessons for their colleagues. Goran Miloradovic, CDRSEE’s long standing partner and chief trainer, also introduced techniques for interpreting historical photographic materials in classes.

The seminar was funded by the European Union under the IPA programme and by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung. It is part of a regional initiative that empowers history teachers in Southeast Europe to use modern teaching methods and multi-perspective materials in their classrooms, thus enabling them to deal with the events of the past, in a manner that breaks the pattern of ethnocentric and stereotypical history teaching.  

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