12-14 November 2010: History Teacher Training in Subotica


12-14 November 2010: History Teacher Training in Subotica

With the seminar in Subotica the CDRSEE reached out to Vojvodina and closed the cycle of seminars for 2010. Following the positive experiences and large interest in the project, however, the series of seminars will continue next year with the first seminar in 2011 planned to be held in Uzice. In 2010, the CDRSEE was able to spark enthusiasm amongst teachers and also amongst the general public. In Subotica 34 teachers from the city and surrounding municipalities participated in the training and the event was covered by the local media.

The training sessions are guided by history teachers that were trained by the CDRSEE in modern methodologies and use of multi-perspective materials, and are supervised by historians. In Subotica, the academic head of the seminar was Prof. Dr. Dubravka Stojanovic, a renown historian, who has been with the project from day one.

The seminars rely on the original historical sources in the four Joint History workbooks (The Ottoman Empire, Nation and States, The Balkan Wars and World War II), that provide the material to teachers for preparing model lessons that steer history teaching away from simply memorising dates and facts, and towards offering students the possibility to participate, research and argue their views.

The most popular topic in workshops has proven to be discussions around how national identities are formed and expressed in various ways such as symbols, hymns and flags. Defining your own national identity was especially interesting for participants in Vojvodina, the most diverse part of Serbia, characterised by a long experience in co-exsistence of various minorities.

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