The word on the street


The word on the street

February 2017

Today most of the Western Balkan countries wait at the EU’s door in an almost endless queue. As they inch their way towards it, the further away it appears. The comparison with the disintegration of Yugoslavia seems to be the word on the street; we can now read and hear of the fear of a similar denouement once again. The ominous lyrics of a famous Yugoslav song from the eve of the nineties "Just let there be no war" are being referred to today. As individuals or a group of individuals, we need to react to what appears to be a return to the situation in the 90s. We must show that the solidarity which the EU lacked from its inception, is indispensable for the well-being and prosperity in Europe. Honesty, despite the widespread opinion that it contradicts politics, is the building block of this Europe in peril. Had these two values somehow been embedded in EU the day the Maastricht Treaty was signed, not only would we have been able to avoid war in the heart of Europe, we would not be discussing the deep crisis in Europe today, fearful of a war that may drag it into the flames of war.

It is therefore high time that both honesty and solidarity be brought to the forefront in defence of Europe! The CDRSEE cherishes these values and brings Western Balkan countries together around an honest approach to history education by discussing the issues which led the Balkan people to war. This is the only approach to avoiding a repetition of events and the ultimate aim of our Joint History books. Our deepest appreciation goes out to the ministries of education who adopted the books shedding a light on events or parts of events that were either avoided or embellished in regular school textbooks. Their efforts need to be recognized and rewarded by allowing them to step closer to the EU’s door. As our new history books covering the period from the WWII to 2008 are published only in English, and need to be used in schools as soon as possible, in the name of SOLIDARITY we invite all of you who are aware of the importance of the change in the way history is taught and the importance of HONESTY in the educational system, to help us translate them into local languages and train teachers to use them in the classroom.

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