We celebrate multiple perspectives


We celebrate multiple perspectives

June 2016

For the fifth time, on June 2 we kicked off filming the new Okruzenje season. The number of national TV stations that broadcast this unique political talk show grows every year, and we can’t resist sharing with you our happiness and pride. With no intention of sounding pretentious, we celebrate this small anniversary knowing that we are on 10 TV stations across the Western Balkans because we earned it with credibility. We earned your trust. For the fifth year now, we have no hidden agenda, we work by following a professional code (which sadly has been forgotten on a large scale), and we are contributing to the institution of journalism that will not be a tool for flaming hatred, but rather a means to serve citizens by keeping them well informed and providing them with the opportunity to listen to a decent, civilized dialogue despite often diametrically opposing opinions.  

With this show, we undoubtedly made history when for the first time ever we managed to bring together two Prime Ministers in one TV studio, last August in Vienna during the WB Summit. The significance of that show was even more, as the two Prime Ministers were from Albania and Serbia, two countries whose relations have been frozen for the past 60 years, the impact of which extends to the whole region. 
This show was an example of many CDRSEE projects, first and foremost the Joint History Project, with which we prove that despite animosity, unresolved issues, prejudices and stereotypes, cooperation between two countries is possible. This requires effort and commitment, as both societies must change. It is a change that must reach deeply, with the same persistence that the negative was built upon, with the same on-going attention that allowed the negative feelings to thrive.

But it is a change that we know is possible, and we will not forget that, as we move ahead. Just last month, the Serbian European Movement organized a media opportunity to report on Albanian-Serbian relations. While at the conference the JHP garnered the most attention, yet it was covered only by popular news portal B92 -- and the coverage received 500 comments. Most of the comments were proof themselves of the need to promote our multi-perspective approach, as a society that is dependent on egotistical and ethnocentric ways is not able to put forth the requirements of modern society and prosperity. For that reason, we push ahead. 

But today -- today we celebrate the small but significant milestones that make up the CDRSEE's path of change. We celebrate comments on a news stories, and we celebrate multiple perspectives. And we celebrate that for the fifth time we have earned your unique trust and we enter the Okruzenje studio to tape a fresh, new season.

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