Uniting Differences - Inception Roundtable in Cakovec, Croatia


Uniting Differences - Inception Roundtable in Cakovec, Croatia


26-27 November 2013 – “Uniting Differences” is a new initiative of the CDRSEE that targets pre-school education and aims at fostering tolerance from an early age on. The project is part of a wider programme, “Integration of disadvantaged groups in regular education system”, which is managed by the Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education of Croatia and financed by the European Union under the IPA and ESF programmes. 

Together with our Croatian partner, The Center for Peace, Legal Assistance and Psychosocial Support, the CDRSEE organised a roundtable in Cakovec to discuss and coordinate the upcoming project activities with actors in the field of inclusive preschool education in Medjimurije County.  Taking part in the consultation meeting were amongst others Mr Branko Sušec, who has set an example with the integrated school “Orehovica”; Ignac Dragan, from the Association for Roma Education (Udruga „Uzor“); Ivačić Višnja, of the Municpality of Cakovec; Josip Balog, President of the Roma Association of Medjimurije; Dragutin Golubic, from the County Administration of Medjimurije; Tena Skvorc, Professional Advisor at the Croatian Employment Service; and Tin Gazivoda, from the Open Society Foundation.  Also present were two experts -- Zsuzsanna Szabo from Hungary, who is an expert in the field of Preschool education, and Prof Hristo Kyuchukov, who is an expert in the field of Psycholinguistics.  

The CDRSEE team also met with the Roma Education Fund, and further consultations will take place.

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