Two ePACT trainings conducted, and more to come!


Two ePACT trainings conducted, and more to come!

Positive feedback has been received by both the participants and trainers of the two workshops organised under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in Kosovo. After successfully completing two trainings in Montenegro in December 2016 - ePACT, a project co-organised by the CDRSEE and Euroclio with the support of the Austrian Development Agency, implemented another two 'Teaching for Learning' workshops in Kosovo.

The trainers, Ms Igballe Cakaj, Head of the Ministry’s Division for Teachers Professional Development and Mr Milazim Avdylaj, teacher and accredited trainer were impressed by the materials and the new methodologies and informed us that they were also well received by the trainees. Additionally, according to the participants, the student-centered approach of the method and its basis of educating democratic principles - fits perfectly with the new revised curricula introduced earlier this year in Kosovo and facilitates the transition phase from the old to the new reformed system. Moreover, as the two groups participating in the workshops were comprised of natural science teachers, Ms Cakaj expressed her desire to conduct more trainings with social science teachers in Autumn, if possible.

The first workshop took place on 10-11/03/2017 with 24 teachers and 4 school directors participating and the second one on 12-13/03/2017 at which 23 educators participated.

The next stop for ePACT workshops will be in Belgrade on 31/03 – 01/04 and followed by another workshop in Nis 03-04/04.

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