TV Albania joins Okruzenje team, as TV Partners bring ideas to Thessaloniki


TV Albania joins Okruzenje team, as TV Partners bring ideas to Thessaloniki

Feb. 5-6, Thessaloniki -- Albanian public broadcaster RTSH has joined the Okruzenje (Vicinities) project, committing to broadcast all of the regional current affairs talk shows, and came together with editors from all Okruzenje partner TV stations who gathered in Thessaloniki, Greece, for two days of meetings and collaboration.

The TV editors, from nine stations including the newly signed RTSH, discussed topics for the 4th season of current affairs talk shows and brought many ideas for expansion and improvement.  RTSH, "Albanian Radio and Television" in English, brought a director and cameraman to the meeting, as they are producing a 15-minute segment on Okruzenje, covering the programme as well as the gathering of editors from across the region.

Okruzenje, or Vicinities in English, is still the only regional current affairs talk show that brings together guests from different countries and backgrounds to discuss topics that impact daily life in the Balkans. The editors reviewed and critiqued the recently completed third season, the most successful so far, including roundtable discussions in Sarajevo and Belgrade. Building on the third season, they brought forth new ideas and recommendations for expanding both the topics and number of shows as well as the general visibility.

Okruzenje co-host and Executive Director of the CDRSEE, Zvezdana Kovac, hosted the meeting. She was joined by Hedvig Morvai, Executive Director of the European Fund for the Balkans, a partner of the Okruzenje project, and Nenad Sebek, Okruzenje co-host and Spokesperson for another project partner, the Regional Cooperation Council. 

All of the TV partners pledged their full commitment to the fourth season and to the show in general, expressing the positive feedback that they continue to receive from viewers and station management alike.

The editors especially pushed for additional roundtable discussions in the next season. In addition to the studio-based regular-season programmes, the CDRSEE will organize four roundtable discussions at different locations around the region, inviting the editors and locals to take part in the discussions and in a local event.

In addition, many TV partners have agreed to rebroadcast previous season shows, to add more coverage and visibility in the off season.

Season IV of Okruzenje is again supported by the EFB as well as the German Federal Foreign Office and the RCC.


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