'Teaching for Learning' workshops, 9-12 December 2016, Kolasin, Montenegro


'Teaching for Learning' workshops, 9-12 December 2016, Kolasin, Montenegro

The CDRSEE successfully concluded two consecutive ‘Teaching for Learning' workshops within the framework of the ePACT project in partnership with EUROCLIO and which aimed at training school directors, inspectors, pedagogues, psychologists and teachers in a new active learning methodology whereby students are encouraged to develop their critical and independent thinking skills across disciplines. The workshops were led by the expert trainers Zoran Lalovic and Radoje Novovic from Montenegro’s Bureau for Educational Services. Also present was Rade Vujović, Representative of the History Teacher Association HIPMONT, who helped coordinate the event and actively participated in both workshops.

The workshops were designed around the guiding principle that democratic practices and competencies can only be learned in a school system that reflects democratic values. This starts with the classroom climate and ends with understanding the importance of alignment - a student centered approach which is the basis for educating democratic principles.  Schooling has the important mission to transfer competencies that are needed for constructively dealing with conflict and for uncovering any attempts of indoctrination and manipulation. Active learning is the methodology through which these competencies can be gained and it needs educators trained in this methodology and who sufficiently understand the wider societal importance of their profession.

The workshops were highly successful with both participants and trainers enthusiastic about the positive outcomes and implications of applying the new methodology in classrooms and efforts will now be made to create an webplatform whereby the results of the workshops will be diffused, discussed and the training material made available for further knowledge-sharing and capacity-building.

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