Teaching for Learning: The journey to China begins with a single step


Teaching for Learning: The journey to China begins with a single step

Confucius said “You cannot open a book without learning something”.  For Confucius, the primary function of education was to provide the proper way of training exemplary persons, a process that involved constant self-improvement and continuous  social interaction. Following the principles of their most influential philosopher, Chinese teachers identified the significance of educational books in equipping educators with the proper skills to facilitate the learning process and, thus, to meet the increasing learning expectations of our times.

Acknowledging the educational value of the ‘Teaching for Learning: A reference guide for results-oriented teachers’ book and its role as a tool in the hands of responsible and passionate teachers from across the world, keen on sustaining their students’ enthusiasm for learning, a team of Chinese teachers, led by Dr. Cui Xin, expressed their interest in translating CDRSEE’s publication into Chinese. Dr. Xin’s team from the Zhejiang University Education Academy Course and Study Science Department have translated more than 20 books on the theory of teaching and they are confident that, once translated in Chinese, the ‘Teaching of Learning’ book will become widely popular among Chinese teachers. China’s major publishing company of educational books and training materials, China East Normal University Press, will undertake the printing and publishing of the book.

The translation of the book is planned to start within the next months and the first editions in Chinese are expected in early 2019.

The ‘Teaching for Learning’ reference guide was the outcome of CDRSEE’s ‘Teaching for Learning’ project that took place between 2012-2013, with the assistance of the European Union. The book is already published in six languages.

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