Serbia and Albania - A step towards a European Future


Serbia and Albania - A step towards a European Future

“Despite animosity, unresolved issues, prejudice and stereotypes, the cooperation of the two countries is possible” Ms Kovac said, attracting the spotlight at the conference ‘Serbia and Albania - Towards a European Future’.

The conference, hosted by the European Movement Serbia, in cooperation with the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, was a great opportunity for participants to discuss issues concerning  Serb-Albanian relations.

The Executive Director of the Albanian Institute for International Studies Tirana, Mr Albert Rakipi,  commented that “there is no issue between 2 countries that needs third-party mediation”. Mr  Gazmend Turdiu, Deputy Secretary General of the Regional Cooperation Council Sarajevo, said, “What had caused the relations of the two countries to falter, was the inability to agree to disagree”.

The representatives of  National Youth Council of Serbia, the National Youth Congress Albania and Youth Forum of the European Movement in Serbia discussed and agreed on the need to meet each other and exchange experiences. 

The lack of knowing each other and the lack of opportunities for more intensive contact and for working together seem to be the main obstacles standing in the way of normal and fruitful relations between the two countries. The process of cooperation and mutual understanding and support between the two countries is developing and the outcome will have strategic importance for the European integration of  the  Western  Balkans.

Here you can find the media coverage of the conference.

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