RETHINK progresses to its second phase


RETHINK progresses to its second phase

With creativity, cooperation and ideas for the pan-European dissemination of participative, multi-perspective and critical thinking materials on remembrance education, the  RETHINK project entered its second Workpackage phase; that of upscaling and piloting the model educational practices on its database.

Kicking off the phase with a consortium and educational experts’ meeting in the Hague in September, the project embarked on a critical stage of working on how to share the wide range of educational ideas, with as diverse a set of educators as possible.  An external Advisory Panel of independent experts evaluated the results of Workpackage I (gathering and publicising good educational practices from a range of organisations, museums and memorials from all of the partner countries) and the teams proceeded to plan how to make the practices and methodologies transferrable and useable on a pan-European scale.

The practices will be made available via the RETHINK website, for free download for non-profit use. Working with independent experts and the internal teams, Workpackage II will create a handbook for educators to using the practices in different educational settings, and how to utilise the participative methodologies for broader education on issues of tolerance, anti-radicalisation and anti-extremism.

Through this Workpackage, the CDRSEE has contributed a model lesson based on its prestigious ‘JHP II’ set of resources, which utilises the events of ‘Operation Storm’ and ‘The Siege of Vukovar’ to explore themes of media bias, propaganda, multi-perspectivity and media ethics, aimed at secondary school age students. You may access the model lesson here

If you are an individual or an organisation engaged in remembrance education and interested in promoting or implementing innovative tools aimed at enriching the media literacy and critical thinking skills of the younger generation, join the RETHINK Network and profit from this unique international forum and its educational activities. For more information click here

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