The other side of 'Vicinities'


The other side of 'Vicinities'

Mile Lasic, an accomplished journalist and later a professor of European Integrations at the University in Mostar, was recently a guest on the TV show ‘Vicinities,’ a program that seeks to create a constructive dialogue on recent political issues in the region. It airs its 6th season in the Western Balkans this coming Fall.

‘Vicinities,’ the enduring effort of the Center for Democracy and Reconciliation in Southeast Europe, was started as a new way to reach audiences in the greater Balkan region through a talk show that featured journalists, policy experts, and government officials as influential and “high-up“ as Prime Ministers. The initiative, while primarily focused on reaching the masses of Balkan societies at large, has had another interesting and continuing effect: it has forged of new relationships—both professional and personal—between guests that, despite being experts from the same areas in the region, had yet to meet prior to their engagement with the show. It has not just been their interaction on the show that has left guests with a positive, lasting impression of the programme, but so, too their interchange with one another behind the camera that has further cemented Vicinities a place of interaction.

Mile Lasic, a recent guest of the show, describes his own experience meeting and getting to know fellow professionals on Vicinities in a recent article published on Danas; It can be read here.

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