New Perspectives for the CDRSEE


New Perspectives for the CDRSEE

Climate change, at least in Southeast Europe, seems to have abolished spring and autumn. We seem to go straight from winter into the summer and vice versa. And so, after a long hot summer, the Balkans are still waiting for a little mild weather! And no, I am not referring to elections, the political climate, progress or lack of progress towards the EU, just the weather!

The CDRSEE is exiting a busy and productive autumn and is heading for an even more busy and productive winter. Our brand new website design is up, we have launched the first edition of the Joint History Project Workbooks in Montenegrin with fanfares, and are busy getting the second editions in Bosnian and Albanian out. The third edition in Serbian is also en route and so are the workshops in all of these countries including Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and the fYR of Macedonia.

In partnership with the European Fund for the Balkans ( the CDRSEE has produced a series of 5 television shows OKRUZENJE (VICINITIES), the first ever regional talk show which was aired in 5 countries in April and May! Extracts on YouTube together with the full programme are also now available. The series dealt with the following topics: "Prejudices", "How to survive the economic crisis", "Media", "Great Powers and the Balkans" and "Youth". The success of the series will lead towards a continuation of the programme this winter, as presented by the two partners, the EFB and the CDRSEE, on June 28th in Brussels.

And, this is far from all! We are also working on a new initiative that furthers regional co-operation for advancing education. Later this year, we will produce a manual that will provide teachers with "Dynamic teaching knowledge and tools". This new initiative is built on the success and methodology of the Joint History Project. The CDRSEE is looking for all other possibilities to further the two key words in our name – Democracy and Reconciliation. As a part of this effort, we will start publishing articles, views and opinion pieces by members of the CDRSEE Board of Directors and also other contributors and partners regularly. The first one is a—not particularly optimistic, but very realistic—analysis by our Board member Dusan Reljic and his colleagues from the German Institute for International and Security Affairs.

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