The Joint History Project II attracts the interest of Japanese Historians


The Joint History Project II attracts the interest of Japanese Historians

On 26 March, 2018 the CDRSEE welcomed to its premises two distinguished Japanese Professors in the field of social sciences. Dr Makoto Kimura, Professor of History, and Dr Maiko Matsuura, Associate Professor of Sociology, came all the way from Japan to discuss with the CDRSEE team the possibility of cooperation within the framework of the Joint History II. In particular, Dr Kimura manifested his willingness to translate the latest JHP workbooks in Japanese.

In this first preparatory meeting, the two Professors were briefed by CDRSEE’s Executive Director Ms Zvezdana Kovac and Programme Adviser Mr Antonis Hadjiyannakis on the progress of the second phase of the Joint History Project. Dr Kimura and Dr Matsuura were given an overview of the research process, the methodological approach, the production and dissemination of the new volumes, as well as of the overall impact of the project so far. Following the translation of JHP I into Japanese, back in 2015, Dr Kimura has indicated his intention to lead a team of history experts and translators with the purpose of making the workbooks available to Japanese educators and students.

The meeting took place in a convivial atmosphere and the team came up with an initial plan of action for the upcoming months.

The Joint History Project attracted great interest from Japanese academia and media as an educational model of overcoming differences and promoting mutual understanding.

Click here to find the Japanese publication of the JHP I Workbooks.


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