Joint history initiatives join forces


Joint history initiatives join forces

CDRSEE’s lauded Southeast European Joint History Project will tie in with the landmark Franco-German History Textbook project to promote the reconciliatory and unifying force of education on pan-European level.

Together with the Consulates of France and Germany in Thessaloniki and the Goethe Institute, CDRSEE aims to organize a workshop for historians, education experts, journalists and governmental officials on democratic education as a driver for change in peoples’ viewpoints and a means for fostering dialogue and inclusiveness in European societies.

With reference to the Joint History Projects implemented by the CDRSEE in Southeast Europe and by France and Germany respectively, the event intends to present these two initiatives as best practices in the field of history education, with a view to promoting replication and multiplication of similar educational projects.

In a meeting with Mr. Walter Stechel, Consul of Germany in Thessaloniki, Mr. Philippe Ray, Consul of France in Thessaloniki and Dr. Rudolf Bartsch, Director of the Goethe Institute in Thessaloniki, CDRSEE’s Programme Advisor Mr. Antonis Hadjiyannakis and Development Officer Ms. Ruth Sutton outlined the approach of this unique initiative, which is expected to bear its first fruits in early 2019.

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