JHP Modeled at History Education Reform Conference in Braunschweig


JHP Modeled at History Education Reform Conference in Braunschweig


Braunschweig - November 21st, 2013 - The CDRSEE’s work was presented at a conference that gathered researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to discuss the specific character of external education interventions in post-conflict contexts. The conference was held at the Georg-Eckert-Institute in Braunschweig, Germany between November 20th and 22nd, 2013.

Participants congregated to share their experiences from interventions in different areas of education throughout the counties of South Eastern Europe. They discussed strategies and were able to critically reflect on the diverse challenges that interventions present, such as collaboration and communication between international agencies and local actors. One of the key aims of the conference was to comparatively asses the outcomes amongst various interventions as well as to contrast best practices and common challenges.

The CDRSEE’s Nenad Sebek spoke during the second panel that was focused on educational reform in South East Europe. Among his co-panelists were Melisa Foric of EUROCLIO-HIP Bosnia, Jonathan Even-Zohar of EUROCLIO Netherlands, Milija Marjanovic of the Institute for Pedagogy in Banja Luka, and Marko Suica of the University of Belgrade, who also gave the keynote speech. The panel was chaired by Karatina Batarilo-Henschen of the Georg-Eckert-Institute.  Nenad highlighted some of the key aspects of the Joint History Project and underscored its accomplishments in reforming history education. In particular, he emphasized how this unprecedented regional initiative has not only provided history workbooks for students to deliberate various and multi-perspective interpretations of historical events, but has also engaged more than 1,500 teachers in JHP workshops, equipping them with novel and more productive methods of history teaching.  He went on to point out that the JHP’s workbooks have been translated into 10 languages and include content that reaches the Second World War. 

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