JHP II Teacher Training Seminar in Vukovar, Croatia


JHP II Teacher Training Seminar in Vukovar, Croatia

Dec. 5-7, Vukovar, Croatia - The CDRSEE held a successful and productive weekend teacher training seminar, attended by 27 teachers, which also served to tap teachers’ experience and ideas as the Joint History Project embarks on its next phase and the publication of two new books.

In the Teacher Training Workshop, Prof. Bozo Repe from the JHP editorial team presented the ideas behind the new volumes. Then, the moderator team, composed of Prof. Repe, Dr. Snjezana Koren and Mr. Kresimir Erdelja, all of the JHP’s History Education Committee, ran workshops during which teachers compared how the periods of the "Cold War" and the "Post-1989" eras are told in schools in Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Serbia.

On the second day of the seminar, participants visited the Vukovar Hospital Museum and the Ovčara Memorial Centre and Memorial Cemetery. It was a weekend of intense discussion, which touched upon a difficult past that is still very fresh in the memories.

The seminar was the first of a three-part series planned to take place simultaneously with the production of the two new JHP volumes. This allows JHP developers to meet with teachers during the key production phase of the new books, facilitating the inclusion of teachers’ insights and perspective in the development process, while continuing with the training seminars that have been so successful in the first phase of JHP.

The CDRSEE just last month received European Union funding for the JHP to create and publish the new books, covering the Cold War and the period of transition in Southeast Europe, for the multi-perspective history teaching programme. The grant also includes funding to continue building the teacher trainers’ capacities for new trends in transnational history research through seminars such as this one.

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