History of the future


History of the future

October 2016

The most exciting moment for us at the CDRSEE has arrived  -  the printing of the two new JHP workbooks is underway! Moreover, on November 15th , the workbooks – a rare example of a history book that deals with such a recent past - will be presented to the European Parliament at an event hosted by Ms Ulrike Lunacek, European Parliament Vice-President, and four other MEPs: Ms. Tanja Fajon, Mr. Eduard Kukan, Mr. Knut Fleckenstein and Mr. Ivan Jakovcic.

The event is entitled ‘History of the Future’, referring to the way in which  history should be taught in the future, and which reflects our belief that education, and history education, in particular, affects and shapes our future.

Covering the period from 1944 to 2008, we are offering teachers and students an opportunity to research and decide for themselves what happened during this period (which includes the sensitive years of the 1990s) using the relevant sources which provide them with the whole picture surrounding any event, without asking or even suggesting what the truth may be.  As with our first four books, we are not offering an interpretation, but rather a methodology for reading the history of any given time period.

Similar to a journey which will bring you to a desired destination, we believe that our team of 100 historians from across Southeast Europe under the leadership of Professor Christina Koulouri, will help you travel with an open mind – devoid of prejudice and guided by facts - to a destination where a better understanding of others can be found. It is only by observing others that we ‘see’ ourselves, and in doing so, we understand ourselves better – both our good qualities and our shortcomings.  This is a precondition for harmony, and only harmonious individuals, citizens and neighbours can help us to prosper and grow as human beings, emotionally and mentally. 

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