A heartfelt thank you


A heartfelt thank you

The CDRSEE would like to extend its sincere gratitude to a number of individuals for their brilliant and truly outstanding efforts - to those who had the wisdom and insight to create the Centre and the JHP and others who led, authored, contributed and edited the books:

Founding Director and Honorary Board Member, Dr. John Brademas - for his ideas, vision and values that gave rise to the concept of the CDRSEE and the JHP and his effective action that helped found it.

First Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mathew  Nimetz - for his groundbreaking work and most generous support spanning almost two decades.

Former Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr Erhard Busek – for his insight, tireless efforts and leadership of the CDRSEE for the past 10 years.

Vice Chairman of the Centre, Mr Nikos Efthymiadis – for displaying an extraordinary understanding of the need to promote democratic principles in Southeast Europe.

Mr Costa Carras, Historian, Rapporteur to the CDRSEE Board for the JHP – for his gifted qualities as a historian and mentor, his insightful leadership and vision of the JHP

Board Member and former Executive Director, Mr Nenad Sebek – for helping make the CDRSEE and JHP the brand names, his knowledge of the region, experience and fundraising efforts.

The History Education Committee: with its tremendous group of diverse, cultivated and intelligent historians who were instrumental in examining hundreds of historical sources and writing the books, in particular, Prof. Dr. Christina Koulouri, History Professor, Chair of the History Education Committee and Series Editor of the JHP workbooks, for her support, brilliant advice and endless patience in overseeing the entire project.

Last but far from least, to each and every one of the current and former Board members who have generously given their time and minds to both the CDRSEE and the JHP: Hannes Swoboda, Richard Schifter, Rigas Tzelepoglou, Selcuk Erez, Guus Heim ,Piro Misha, Saso Ordanoski, Elene Bruggisser, Ioannis Tsormpatzoglou, Elsa Ballauri, Pekin Baran, George David, Smaranda Enache, Zdravko Grebo, Vlasta Jalusic, Aleksandra Joksimovic, Maritta von Bieberstein Koch-Weser, Osman Kavala, Albert Koenders, Ivan Krastev, Fatos Lubonja, Antoinette Primatarova, Zarko Puhovski, Gazmend Pula, Dusan Reljic, Veton Surroi, Pieter Stek, Neslihan Tombul, Spiros Voyadzis.

We commend their dedication to this very important and essential cause in the region.

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