Hands on the Balkans Seminars Get Underway


Hands on the Balkans Seminars Get Underway

The CDRSEE’s latest initiative, the Hands on the Balkans seminars, are set to take place over the coming weeks. The HoB seminars, for which the CDRSEE has partnered with the Belgrade based European Movement in Serbia, are geared to provide emerging professionals, as well as students and graduates of political science, with on-site educational experience in international development in the Balkans and hone their skills as policymakers, practitioners of international development, civil servants, and civil society activists. This promising initiative was made possible by support from the Balkan Trust for Democracy and the Konrad Adenaur Stiftung.

The first of the two seminars will take start on July 11th and will include fourteen promising future decision-makers from Portugal, Switzerland, Slovakia, the United States, Armenia, Macedonia, Ukraine, and Serbia. The participants will hear first hand from academics and experts on the region’s transition from post conflict instability to reconciliation, reform, and engagement in Euro-integration processes. Along with partaking in lectures at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade, they will meet with civil society organizations, major media outlets in the region, and international organizations throughout Serbia and Kosovo.

The second seminar, set to take place in August, will include another full-capacity group of participants and will closely follow the structure of the July seminar. Follow post, updates and pictures from the seminar on the projects facebook page:

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