Personal angle - Back to the Future

A few words by Saša Kulenović, Project Manager at the CDRSEE

April 2016

When I obtained my master degree in 2013, like any other young graduate who's suddenly catapulted from university to the job market, I began my personal quest for opportunities that could suit my skills and interests.

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Memory, Myth and a Human Narrative: the Role of History in the Reunification of Cyprus

We all know, from experiences with loved ones and with friends, that if memory is lost, personhood is tragically impaired. It is even worse with peoples: without a shared memory they cannot recognise themselves, let alone be recognised, as a distinctive people. Read more from CDRSEE Board Member and Rapporteur of the JHP, Mr. Costa Carras, in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut.

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Reconciliation - an educational mission, and a possible one

The CDRSEE is featured in the new edition of Lifelong learning in Europe (LLinE), a trans-European journal dedicated to the advancement of adult education, lifelong learning, intercultural collaboration and best practice research.

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History Teaching and Critical Thinking

Dr. Koren, a member of our History Education Committee, reflects upon the continued need to enlighten teachers, politicians and policy makers about the importance of encouraging critical-thinking skills in the history classroom.

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U.S. diplomat reflects on the early years of the CDRSEE

"Congratulations to all on this important anniversary, especially our excellent staff under Nenad Sebek’s direction, for all that has been accomplished during the past 15 years. I certainly believe we have made a contribution."

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Vicinities heading west to Brussels

Vicinities, the first current affairs talk show broadcast across the Balkans, is heading west to Brussels! On Wednesday, Dec. 4, Members of the European Parliament are invited to attend an event to celebrate the successes and look to the future of Vicinities.

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Filming Vicinities: The Role of Religious Communities and Religion in Our Societies

Ever since its first airing last year, Vicinities has successfully captured audiences throughout the Balkans. It has brought together experts who rarely sit on the same side of an argument, challenged audiences with controversial themes that are seldom addressed across borders, and most importantly, engaged citizens of the Balkans in a dialogue that has fostered reconciliation and better understanding.

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The Painfully Present Past

CDRSEE intern, Mitjo Vaulasvirta, writes about the Balkan past and his life in Thessaloniki.


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Broadcasting of Okruzenje has begun on eight television channels across the region

It's time to tune in! Broadcasting of Okruzenje has begun on eight television channels across the region. You can find us in any of the region's "Vicinities". Watch the news show that has the Balkans talking!

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Vicinities II in the spotlight, off to a fantastic start

The innovative news talk show Vicinities was in the spotlight, and for good reason, as journalists from around the region gathered in Belgrade for the launch of the series’ second season, the chance to talk with the lead organisers, and a sneak peak at the issues to be covered in the upcoming months. 

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