Fatigue vs Self-sacrifice


Fatigue vs Self-sacrifice

January 2016

In my daily "watching the news" routine, two headlines recently caught my attention. One was "Hospitality Fatigue", and the other, "Empathy and self-sacrifice for Nobel Peace Prize", both referring to the refugee crisis in Europe. Where there is fatigue, there is no true hospitality, one might think at first glance. The headline, which was a bit disturbing to me, is, however, a red flag that something has to be done, as after receiving first aid, the million people who lost or left their homes need another type of help. Hospitality must be provided.  

Among the refugees, there are hundreds of thousands who will never return home. We must help with their integration; we must help them learn European values, as we also must learn about theirs. We can understand  hospitality fatigue, but we will, with all our heart, vote for those who promote empathy. We learn from each other, and that is a treasure we must make an effort to find.

There is nothing more powerful than education for changing the world for the better and raising awareness of humanity, which is above race and nations. The CDRSEE, using all its experience and knowledge gathered over the past 17 years, wants to contribute by reducing hospitality fatigue and increasing the chances that those who self-sacrifice will be recognised and awarded—because they are not doing that for a prize, but rather because they are human in the best sense of the word.

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