ePACT ‘Teaching for Learning’ series conclude in Banja Luka


ePACT ‘Teaching for Learning’ series conclude in Banja Luka

The last of the ‘Teaching for Learning’ series of seminars, specially designed for educators from across Southeast Europe, took place in Banja Luka, Republika Srpska, on 11-12 October.

The workshop was attended by 20 school teachers, directors, inspectors and members of pedagogical institutions, who were offered an opportunity to upskill their capacities by incorporating democratic principles and active learning in their teaching. Participants received training by experienced trainers of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republika Srpska, Dijana Pešić, Tatjana Mihajlović, Slađana Vilotić, Kristijan Popović, Brane Mikanović, Marinko Savić, Zoran Bogdanović and Nina Ninković.

Mr. Predrag Damjanovic, Director of the Pedagogical Institute of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Republika Srpska addressed the participant educators an opening speech. Mr Damjanovic made a reference to the excellent cooperation between the Ministry and the CDRSEE in the preparation of this workshop, further stressing the need for more workshops of this kind to be carried out in his country.

The ‘Teaching for Learning’ Seminars were part of the activities implemented within the framework of the educational project ePACT, an initiative aimed at providing democratic education tools and promoting critical thinking and active citizenship through the introduction of new teaching and learning methodologies in the classroom. Designed to improve the quality of the teaching and learning process by internationally acclaimed and awarded Prof. Lorin Anderson, expert in classroom assessment, curriculum studies, and teacher effectiveness, the seminar scenarios created stimulating learning environments tailored to the current needs of the students and offered educators innovative tools to support their teaching.

The implementation of the seminars was the result of a close collaboration between the CDRSEE and the local Ministries of Education, that, acknowledging the significance of this initiative embraced our efforts by officially accrediting all twelve seminars. The training sessions were organised with the financial assistance of the Austrian Development Agency.

The capacity building achieved through the ‘Teaching for Learning’ Seminars will continue online, with the creation of an e-learning environment where educators from across the region will have free access to online courses that enhance knowledge-sharing and the multiplication of teachers’ competencies.  




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