The Economist: JHP helps teachers gain "a broader perspective"


The Economist: JHP helps teachers gain "a broader perspective"

The Economist, the international news magazine with a circulation of more than 1.4 million worldwide, has recognised the importance of the CDRSEE and our work. In the January 5, 2013, print edition, the Economist reflects on national histories in the Balkans and praises the CDRSEE for its efforts to change how history is taught across the region.

“Balkan history is complicated, but there is widespread agreement on one thing. Every nation knows what is right and how everyone else is wrong. As one Serbian historian puts it: “There is one truth, just as there is one God,”” The Economist writes.

The Economist attended the CDRSEE’s international conference in Belgrade in December, at which historians planned the next two workbooks of the Center’s Joint History Project programme, which provides alternative, multi-perspective history books, and teacher training on how to best use them. Since 1999, The Economist points out, CDRSEE historians have been “working to help teachers gain a broader perspective.”

Four workbooks are already available in 10 languages, and the next two workbooks, covering the Cold War and the Wars of the 1990s, are in the works.

“The challenge is huge. Still, by 2014 an estimated 500,000 students may have benefited,” The Economist said. “None of this can come too soon.”

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