December 2015


December 2015

Another tumultuous year is almost behind us, and while we at the CDRSEE can be proud of our own achievements, we share concerns for those who were forced to leave their homeland – who were left with no choice. Unfortunately, we live in a world where choice is sometimes not an option, where we can't even push for an alternative. The largest migration of people since World War II or maybe in the entire history of Europe, counting nearly a million people who are still risking their lives in order to have a better life!

We worry that war and terror can take over again, and this time with unforeseeable consequences. We will not sit idly by, though—we will, with all our knowledge and heart, support peace and promote tolerance and coexistence. There is always a day after. Let us make it happen soon!

May the joy of this holiday season be filled with everything that makes you smile, regardless of religious or any other differences. Because that difference is what makes this world a nice place.

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