CDRSEE launches migrant community integration research project


CDRSEE launches migrant community integration research project

Honoured and proud, the CDRSEE officially launched its new research project on integration of minorities on March 15, called “Communities in Greece”.

The project which is being funded by the Open Society Initiative in Europe, will contribute to a better understanding of the integration policies implemented by the state and the local authorities in the case of the Albanian community in Greece.

The research will be conducted by a team including prominent academia members and researchers who will explore previous policies regarding this particular community in relation to the health, education and labor sectors, but will also suggest new and more effective policies on both state and local level.

By contacting both the Albanian and Greek communities, the CDRSEE will have the opportunity to conduct a survey and understand various opinions, as well as the interaction and the role of each of the communities in relation to their coexistence.

With this project we aim to enhance the possibilities for participation of the immigrant communities in Greece. Also, through the findings of our final report, which will be published on the CDRSEE website we will strive to suggest innovative and substantive ideas for future integration policies around the Europe.

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