CDRSEE joins forces with DW on a media project on regional reconciliation


CDRSEE joins forces with DW on a media project on regional reconciliation

The CDRSEE is delighted to announce the beginning of a new collaboration with Germany’s renowned public international broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW). Endorsing the proposal of Ms. Adelheid Feilcke, Head of the Europe Desk and the Western Balkans Department of DW, the two organisations laid the foundations for a constructive and fruitful collaboration.

The two parties sealed their cooperation, in the context of DW’s ‘Balkan Booster’ project, an online platform featuring young people from across the Balkans, tracing the history and identities of their region. DW’s established media presence in the region, its extensive network, and international audience, together with CDRSEE’s long-standing experience in reconciliation through innovative media and education projects will ensure that the resulting project is creative, effective and highly visible. 

Embarking on the linking of ‘Balkan Booster’ with CDRSEE’s ‘Vicinities’, under the theme of identity and reconciliation, the cooperation will be enhanced with the use of the historical sources and the multi-perspective approach of the Joint History Project in the project participants’ story-telling. In this light, the first ‘Balkan Booster’ workshop for the project’s next season will be held in Thessaloniki at the end of August.

Preparations are already underway. Stay with us for more news on this dynamic collaboration!

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