CDRSEE fields panel on World War 1 history education at Univ. of Graz


CDRSEE fields panel on World War 1 history education at Univ. of Graz

Nov. 22, Graz, Austria -- The CDRSEE organised a history education panel on "Teaching World War I", as part of the University of Graz's Centre for Southeast European Study's conference on Histories of 1914, Debates and Use of the Origins of World War One in Southeastern Europe.

The panel included members of the CDRSEE's History Education Committee, and was moderated by CDRSEE Programmes Director Corinna Noack-Aetopulos. The panel was informative and well received, and various social websites brought up the conclusions of the discussion.

One interesting conclusion of the overall conference was that the time fame of WW1 remembrance, from 1914 to 1918, does not apply equally to all countries. In Southeast Europe in particular, conflicts right before and immediately after these dates are more relevant in public memory.

The representatives who took part in the discussion were:

  • Halil Berktay (Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey), Progressive Politics, Retrogressive Textbooks: A Turkish Paradox;

  • Vassiliki Sakka (University of Peloponnese, Greece), "WWI through a Greek Perspective: Echoes from the trauma of "National Division";

  • Snjezana Koren (University of Zagreb, Croatia), The First World War in Croatian and Serbian Textbooks since 1918;

  • BozoRepe (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia), First World War in the Slovene Consciousness and in the Teaching of History.


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