The CDRSEE at the 6th European Historical Forum in Berlin


The CDRSEE at the 6th European Historical Forum in Berlin

On May 22-23, 2017, in Berlin, Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung hosted the 6th European Historical Forum "The Epochal Year 1917: The Dream - or Nightmare - of Emancipation? Flashback to a Caesura in Eastern and Southeastern Europe" organized with its Russian partner, the Scientific Information Center Memorial (Международный Мемориал). The Forum aimed at offering young historians museum, media, and NGO activists from East, South East, and West Europe a space to reflect and exchange and at promoting a pan-European discourse on memory culture and history politics.

In the second day of the 6th European Historical Forum, in the framework of the discourse on how various places throughout Europe remember the epochal year of 1917, and what conclusions can be drawn from the dominant narratives for the current political and mental state of the region, the CDRSEE's executive Director Mrs Zvezdana Kovac spoke about the Joint History Project as a good practice of cooperation between NGOs and governments in addition to being an example which demonstrates that a common narrative is possible.

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